Is there a way to create a "private" template for repeated section structure?


I would like to build a few templates of my own for the rapid creation of a sections.

For example creating a meeting template, which should be used every time someone in my group wants to set a meeting.
My goal is that every new meeting is generated from the template as a section with a predefined initial structure.

I expect the template to contain:
Attendees (mandatory, optional, followers) - these people will receive the invite message
Predefined agenda (will be sent in the invite) - This will also be part of the invite
What are the expected end results of the meeting (checkboxes to mark at the end of the meeting)

After the meeting:
Who had been in the meeting
Tasks and meeting summary

These will be sent at the end of the meeting

Any idea, what is the best way to do so? the focus is not on the specific document implementation but how to generate it repeatdly in an easy way

Many thanks,

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Hi Maydan,

This is a great question! In the longer term, we’d love to let users create their own section-sized templates that can be drag&dropped into your doc from our templates panel.

For now, you can leverage the duplicate section feature to create a section template inside your document:

Note by default, you’ll create views of tables. If the same group of people is meeting on a regular basis, it could be quite desirable to keep all the AIs in a single table. However, if you want a separate table per section, you can select the “Duplicate Data” option upon section duplication instead.

If you are interested, I also recommend browsing our template gallery for inspiration around meeting management. As a self plug, I made this template in which the agenda notes are managed inside a meetings table. The benefit to this is you can automate sending out pre-reads and follow up notes. There’s many other meetings templates in the gallery too. You can copy/paste aspects of templates that you like into your own doc.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions!


Hi! We’ve launched a series of updates today that should facilitate this pretty well for you :slight_smile: