Duplicate Nested Section with Duplicate Data (not Table Views)


I have a template which I have created as a section with 4 sub-sections.

I would like to duplicate the entire section with all 4 sub-sections and duplicate the data in all the tables, not create views of the template, as I want the user to modify the template for their own use whilst not affecting the original template.

I can copy each section separately and select the option to duplicate data or create views, but the option is not available when I duplicate a section with the sub-sections. There it only asks me if I want to duplicate just the heading page or also all the sub-pages. When I select all sub-pages, it creates a copy with table views.

My users are not super tech savvy so it HAS to be really easy for them to use this.

Can you help? Is there a simple way to duplicate the entire section or is there a more clever way I can set up the sections so that the user can have their copy of the template, edit to their hearts content and not mess up the template?

Thank you in advance!


I’m having the same problem, in more than one situation :frowning:

I’m following here, as I’m also looking for a solution! Thanks