Option to always duplicate data on paste?

I have a section, with text and tables/views with conditional formatting, being used as a template.
I duplicate this section then click “Duplicate data instead” option, then it’s good to go.
But, this is hard for the people using the doc to remember/understand. The section gets duplicated, but they forget/ don’t know they need to click “Duplicate data instead”.
This leads to the template being accidentally altered over and over again.

Is there a way to set the default paste/duplicate behavior to “Duplicate data instead”?
Or, is there a way to duplicate a section and duplicate data with a button?

It is also hard to tell what table a view is referencing and what section that table is located in. Would be great to have a message like “View of table ‘Template Table’ in section ‘Template’”


I would really like a button that duplicates pages. I am working on a template that will need the user to duplicate a section with 3 sub-pages, and being able to click a button that I’ve programmed to do the right thing every time would make it sooo much easier.