Duplicatepage - duplicateoption

Hi, DuplicatePage with DuplicateOption active as “DuplicateData” creates a view of the table I have in the template rather than a duplicate or copy. So all edits I make in the duplicated table of the duplicated page is reflected in my template.

From the documentation is looks like DuplicateData any edits I made to the new page won’t affect eh rest of your doc. This is not the case for tables.

Hey there! It’s not a bug

Your duplicatePage action has an option to either

  1. Duplicate info with tables as connected views
  2. Duplicate info with tables disconnected as isolated tables

You just gotta turn on the other option

ok, maybe it’s because I have it wrapped up with other functions, but the DuplicateData option continues to create a view table and not a copy. I’ve also tried all the other options and they give me a view table. This is my formula:
RunActions(ModifyRows(thisRow, thisRow.Column1, DuplicatePage([Page Template], thisRow.Column2, [Parent Page], “DuplicateData”)))
Essentially, I have a button in a table that is modifying another column in the row that the button is in as well as creating a duplicate page with the data in a column from the row the button is in.