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Hi there!

So I am trying to make a button that copys a whole table and paste it in the actual page (basically duplicate the table). Idealy it only copys the table (columns) without the values in it.
Anyone have any idea?


Hi @Asaf_Chip :blush: !

I’m currently away (so I can’t do much :innocent:) but I don’t think there’s an action formula to copy/duplicate only a table (I could be wrong though :smiling_face: )

You can duplicate a page where a table is sitting though with DuplicatePage().

DuplicatePage() takes an optional parameter (rowOptions) which allows you to specify which rows should be included in the table when the page is duplicated.
(This parameter will only be taken into account if you don’t create a connected view of your table with this button, which is determined in the action formula by the parameter duplicateOptions )

I hope this helps a little :innocent:

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Thanks for the info but i didnt got it clear then. if i duplicate a page with the table will the result be a Table or just a whole new page?

The new table will be effectively in a new page :innocent: .
This is, I think, the closest you can get with a button at the moment (as there’s no “DuplicateTable()” action formula…

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