Problem to automatically load data in an easy way

Hello everyone,

I have some troubles trying to automate some dashboard.
Basically I have a table with all the worklogs of my company (about 5000 lines per year).

What I want is create dashboards for each project of the company.
In this dashboard I wanted to have the view of the total time spent on a project, but also have a diagram on how much time has been spent per month.

What I thought was that the best would be to have another table that I could fill automatically with the calculatedd values. But maybe that’s not the correct way ?

If you have any idea I would love to have your insight !

Thanks a lot.

HI Thoma, there is no right way, and wrong way… As long as it gives you the answer that you are looking for.

I have some examples on the sheet Mathematics Formulas in Tables, in the document below. The formulas are calculating the average and the max of the subset in the filter, but you can easily change it to sum().

To get the per month numbers, you can either find the month using the endofmonth() formula, or filter the date so that it show the month only.

Maria also provides some good info here.

Now with the video too…thisRow | Formula Essentials - YouTube


Thanks @Piet_Strydom
In the end I’ve added a new Column in which I’ve added all the entries

Also please how do you do for your coda doc to appear directly in the forum ?


The EXamples doc is “published”, and I then just share the link. There is also a way to embed the doc, but I am not doing that right yet.

Cool, let’s try that again :

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