Automation between tables

Hello, im new to Coda and was looking for a way to whenever a user adds a new ‘client’ information on the ‘clients’ table it automatically adds a new row to the ‘Dashboard’ table and populates/fills the columns with values from the ‘client’

Is it possible?

Hey there! Is there a reason you can’t just use your clients table as the dashboard table as well?

Tell us more about your end goal!

Hey, thank you for your reply. So basically what i was looking for is the ‘Clients’ table is like the main data source table where the users puts all the information about the clients, situated in a separeted page. The dashboard table is like on the main page of the doc and it should function as a control table, with a combination of information from other tables across the doc, being one of them the ‘Clients’ table.

Another information, would be to get the status from a Board pipeline where the user can move the ‘clients’ card to different stages/status and those would also update on the ‘Dahsboard’ table. Dont know if its possible.

Sorry if i wasnt very clear since english is not my main language

The second part of my question i already solved it by simple doing a table view.

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