Move rows based on status to one table to another

Hello everyone!
I would like to create some sort of automation where rows would move from one table to another once the status changes. F.e. if status is “idea” it should move to the idea table. If status changes to “production” it should move to the production table. Each of the tables are not connected and separate.

I want to avoid using filters and keeping all the data in one table bc it would become enormous in a few months and I don’t want it to crash at some point.
At the same time I want to be able to archive each doc per year and roll over the ideas to keep everything a bit cleaner and not overloaded.

Hi @Coralynn_W and welcome to our amazing community

I dont come back to the reason why you dont want to use filtered view of a unique table (every coda community champion or coda expert would suggest that :wink: ) let’s focus on your wish.

Lets consider this : a source table, and 2 independants table. I would suggest to use buttons first, rather than automation.

let’s set this for buttons (the same configuration for production or ideas), that would :

  • change current status
  • add row to specific table with data from current row (date here as an example)

And see it in action

Rather than changing current status, you could totally delete rows from source table if you want after you copied it in destination table. Or just hide rows from source table according to status.

if you want to use automation, you can try and improve this example, looking for status change in source table, and using switchif function :

See it in action with items #43 and #45 copied by automation.

Please find embed here and let me know if it solves your issue

Cheers Quentin


First of all, sorry for the late reply!
And wow! Thank you sooo much! :raised_hands: This is super helpful! I have already implemented it and it works like a charm! :blush:

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Be my guest ! :smiling_face: and don’t hesitate if you have any additional question !

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