Automation from a view

Hi All,

I created an automation to trigger with a change of status. I am only able to select the main table (and not the view) for my automation setup. The automation does not seem to trigger when I change the status from my view of the main table. Is this a limitation? In other words, to get the automation to run, does the status change have to occur from the main table, and not the view?

@SIMG_ADMIN If the change occurs in the view, it also occurs in the parent table. Is there a reason you can’t get it to work by basing off the parent?

I can change the status in the parent table, and the automation works. It doesn’t work if I change the status in the view.

I will try again. At least I know it should work!

Realize that any change in a view also changes the underlying table … so I’m not sure what isn’t working here?

After testing, I can confirm that the automation does not work when the status is changed from a card view. It works if status is changed from the main table or the detail view. Please advise.

Hi @SIMG_ADMIN, i can confirm you that view contains the same data, and they are synced in real time between all of them, so your problem must reside in other part of the process…
If you can share an example doc or a more in-deep explanation of your steps we could help you better!