Change the table a view is connected to?


I’ve created a bunch of great reports for my 2018 data set that I’m attempting to recreate for 2019, but am stuck attempting to update the table that my views are referencing - is this possible somewhere?

I.e. I have a View already super laid out with controls that I want to update to reference my 2019 table instead of my 2018 table.

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Its hard to say without seeing the doc, but if it’s pretty detailed and more than what you might want to go through to re-build, you could always copy the doc and then replace your 2018 data with your 2019 data and all functionality will remain. You could then just rename any instances of “2018” to “2019”.

I don’t believe you can change the master table that a view is linked to…as far as I know. You would delete that view and create a new view from what you want the new master table to be.

Another option would be to keep one master table and have a column with the year for the data, then you can set filters in those views to choose the year you want to see. This would keep you from having to re-create things every year.