Updating connected view of a table/page

Happy New Year all!

Is there a way to duplicate a page or table where it’s still connected but when you update the formula on the duplication, it doesn’t update the original? For example, I have a master dashboard and I want to duplicate it and have filters for each subsequent one that only shows a subset. I can’t seem to do that…unless I’m missing something.

The only workaround I can think of is adding even more rows and then hiding them…but rather not if there’s a way to update them to reflect the new filter.


Dear @Karina_Mikhli ,

It would be great if you could share a minimized dummy doc, where you could show a sample of the expected outcome to understand the logic you a searching for

Otherwise others in the community might have a better idea how to support you.

Hi Jean,

I’d love to but it’s fairly complicated.

And I think what I’ve realized (and support has confirmed) is that each view of the table is only a “view” and not a connected duplicate, so columns and formulas are the same across views. I was hoping for a way to create a table that is connected and starts out the same, but then you can modify it…


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