Duplicate Automation - Some Connected Views, Some Duplicate Data

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to duplicated a template using an automation (when I submit a form a new row appears on a table and a particular page is duplicated). This part is working well.

The issue I am running into is that I need most tables to be linked (connected views) so I can keep track of everything is one central place. Example: Each page is for a project. Each project page has a table with tasks for that project. I’d like each of those project page task to go back to one “master” project task table so I can either view an individual product page and see only its tasks, but also see all project tasks together on a dashboard.

In contrast, I have a list of steps I need to complete for each project. If I duplicate the page and use “connected view” then the project steps are linked together (when I check off a task for one project, its checks off that same box for all projects… which is bad :slight_smile: ) I need that section/table to duplicate the data so each page/project functions independently for that specific table.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Here is a link to the sandbox copy for you to look at:

If you go to Admin > Templates > Project Doc (XXXXX) you’ll see the documents i’m duplicating. The headings “Marketing Asset Tracker,” “General Non-Stage Gate Tasks,” and “Project Notes/Meetings” are the section I want to share with the master tables.

The “Stage Gate Workflow & Tasks” section is what needs to not be linked and be individually used for each project.

I really appreciate any help the community can offer.


Hi Brad,

I had a quick look at your example doc, but couldn’t see how you do the checking? Your task row should have an column that identifies the project that it belongs to, so that when you check off a task, you check off a project specific task,


Hi Piet,

If you look at the Project Doc (Running Change) Stage Gate Workflow Tasks you’ll see what I mean. The other two template I have completed yet.


In the table Running Change check list, there is nothing that identifies a project. So each project has a view into the exact same data, a change shows up in ALL views.

What you need to do, is add a column for the project. Then each time you add a new project, copy a set of the standard tasks, and add the new project name into the project column, and filter each project canvas to its project tasks. In this way, a change is made relevant for a specific project, and will only show up in that project’s view,


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Hi Piet,

Thank you very much! It works great. Not sure why I didn’t do it this way in the first place when the other ones work the same way… but THANK YOU for setting me straight!

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I call them brain short circuits - happens to me all the time… :wink:

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