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As a user working with lots of documents with similar structure, I am used to duplicating tables a lot. This has cause a lot of problem because I’m unaware of the duplication and thus a lot of data seems to be lost. Any way I can see all the duplicated tables in the document? Thank you.

Hi @Ujwal_Shrestha1 :blush: and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

What do you mean exactly by “duplicated” table ? :innocent:

Because, there are 2 ways to duplicate (copy/paste) a table :

1 - The effective duplication which creates a brand new table and is not linked to the original table

2 - Connected Views which creates some kind of “mirror” of the original table and is linked to that table (i.e.: what you do in the orignal table or its view(s) will reflected everywhere :blush: ).

Note the small :link: 1 just next to View of Table 3 in the screenshot below :blush: .
It appears when the table is hovered and indicates there’s 1 link (here) between this view and the original table.
The original table (Table 3 in this case) also display this :link: 1 next to its title when hovered :blush: .

And the Doc Map also shows that the Table 3 has 1 connected view where Table 1 and Table 2 are 2 different tables (even though Table 2 is a duplicated Table 1 :blush: )

You’ll find the Doc Map of your doc by clicking on the :gear: icon (which leads to the document settings) somewhere at the top right of your screen. It’s the 3rd “menu” in the list :blush:

Or, you can also check in the Options of a table :blush: . There’s a section called Connections. And this is exactly where the :link: 1 I mentioned earlier will take you if you click on it :blush:


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