Automations & Notifications locations

I have been facing a challenge with the automations on Coda. I will try to describe it as briefly as possible, so let us assume I have a base table called “Tasks” and I have 5 different views that 5 different roles of users are using, each of them are showing different components of the base table including buttons, columns …etc. I have the base table hidden and the views are open and filtered according to the users.

Let’s assume I have set some automations to notify some other users of actions going on these views, the problem is that Coda wants to send them to the original base table which is hidden, so what happens is that it sends them to the first page that is not hidden (which doesn’t make any sense for them because it is simply the wrong page) . Coda has a drop down list of all the tables but it doesn’t offer the option to select which view of a base table I want to send the notified user to.

As a non preferred temporary solution, I have installed the Gmail pack and I got these notifications to be through emails and I have concatenated the link of the view table that I really want the notified user to go to in that email.

Help :slight_smile:

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