Control which view a person-based email notification links to?

I have a People column that’s set to notify users when they’re added.

The URLs they receive by email link the users to the hidden base table, but I want the users to be directed instead to the view of the table from which they were added.

Is there a way to do this with the built-in notification functionality? Or do I need to roll my own with automations/email Pack?

hi @Nick_HE
notification always go back to the source table. In your scenario the one you want to hide. This gave me last winter quite some trouble and I solved it by adding an automation to my flow that generated the a new row in a second table and in this second table I put my notifications.

cheers, Christiaan

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Thanks. Can you say more about the structure of your tables? Did you manage your own notifications, or did you insert a person record into a person column of a table and let Coda notify natively?

the second table has a person type column and when added, the second step of the automation was sending a coda native notification. (the first step was adding a row) As such you don’t need emails. Users receive an email when they are not active in the doc. Does this help?

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