Turn off notifications to people when you add them to a table?

If you add a person to a column with type “People”, and you’ve shared the doc with that person, the person gets notified.

Is there a way to turn this behavior off?

I have a doc that lets people log something in a table I’ll “logTable”. People log things in a view of logTable which is filtered by User() so they only see their own entries.

I want to summarize that table with another table which I generate “on the fly,” regularly, with a button and automation. Every time I push this button, the rows from my summary table are deleted, and then the table is rebuilt, adding a row for every person in the logTable.

I don’t want to notify people every time I rebuild the summary table, but Coda does notify them. I’d rather if they never even thought about the summary table. They can stumble across it, but its hidden, and most won’t.

Am I just out of luck? I can do a workaround, like giving each user an id and using the id, but I wish I could work with People objects dirctly without notifying people.

Hey David!

Inside a people column when you open up “People Options” you can turn this behavior off.


Hello @DSB!
There’s a toggle for that inside People Column options


Edit: @Scott_Collier-Weir you beat me to it! :smile:

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Thank you @Scott_Collier-Weir and @Saul_Garcia —that’s exactly what I was looking for.

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