Adjust Default for Notifying People When Added to a Column

Currently, when creating a People column type, the “notify when added” option is on by default. This is all well and good, particularly since you can disable/enable it at your whim, however there is a use case where this is a significant problem.

When importing tables from other sources (i.e. Excel, Google Sheets, etc.) the data is already filled when you set the column type. That means before I’m able to tell the People column that I do not want it to notify the user when they’re added to the column, I have to notify all the users they’ve been added to the column. The workaround I utilize is creating the page in my docs then moving it over, but that’s just an inefficient system.

I’d love to see Coda change the default for the People column to have the “notify when added” off by default. Or allow us to set up our own defaults in the workspace. Opt in programs are much more user friendly than opt-out.



Yes yes yes 100%. Would LOVE this default changed


Hi Sara Jean! Maggie from Coda’s Customer Success Team, nice to virtually meet you :slight_smile:

I am glad that you have found a temporary workaround and want you to know that this request has been heard and logged as a feature request. Keep the feedback coming as we love to hear it!

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Thanks so much, Maggie!

Dealing with this still. :sob:

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This feels like such an easy win. No takers? :sob:

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Hi @Sara_Jean_Kwapien :wave: Just wanted to follow-up here and share that we’ve updated the “Notify when added” default to OFF for new people columns! We’ve also made the affordance for when notifications are off clearer in the people picker menu.

Lastly, we’ve also made it so if you copy/paste a table, duplicate a column, or paste data into a people column, this will no longer send notifications.

Hope this helps!

P.s. Should be live in a few hours!


HOLY MOLY! HUGE! Thank you, so!!!