Getting unwanted notifications about comments?

My users and I have been getting notifications about comments on rows and records that we do not want notifications for.

We have all unsubscribed from all rows and all tables for the entire doc. I have double-check all editable “people” columns to make sure that “subscribe to comments” is turned off. However, we also have several “people” columns that are calculated columns.

I think that we are getting these unwanted notifications because we appear in the calculated “people” column. However, because these columns have calculated values, the toggles for “Notify when added” and “Subscribe to comments” do not appear in the column settings.

I’ve tried converting the calculated people field back into editable fields, turning off the two toggles, and then converting the field back into a calculated field. I don’t know yet if this solves the issue, and if this is necessary, it feels like a bug.

Has anyone else experienced this?

@Kuovonne I made a community post about this back in February, but I don’t think Coda has fixed anything with this yet. I agree, it can be pretty annoying.

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Thanks. It sounds like the exact same situation I am experiencing. Did converting the calculated field "temporarily to an editable field in order to turn off the “Subscribe to comments” work for you?

I haven’t actually tried that, so I’m not sure. Just hoping Coda will fix this soon…

Same! I’ve reopened that topic to allow voting and replies.

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