How to get a notification from a new row submitted via external form

I have a form that anyone with the link can use to input data and submit new row to a table (i.e. the don’t have to be logged in)…
I want to get notified (within Coda) when a new row gets added.
Based on this topic, it seems like a person column would be what I need, but if I use ‘person’ type, I can’t figure out how to make the user default to me.
I’ve tried to use the formula =@me in the people options, and that puts me in the column, but when a new row is added, I get notified (again and again) for every row in the table.
What am I doing wrong?

hi @Christine_Capra ,

You create indeed create a people column and you set value for new rows with your own user id, like below. I used an email but I guess that working with @Christine_Capra might be better.

Cheers, Christiaan


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