Notifying a list of people when row added

Hello everyone.

I want to send a notification to all users that my doc is shared with, whenever I add a specific row in a table. Is it possible?


hi @Ranny_Shor , welcome back, it has been a while!

yes you can in a few steps and it starts with putting the column on people
Notify when added is the second step
last but not least, value for new rows and you add the members using @

Enjoy, Cheers, Christiaan


Hi Christiaan, Thank you for the quick reply! It has been a while but I’m using Coda on a daily basis so it feels like I’ve been here all along…

I need some clarifications to your response - as a 1st step you wrote “it starts with putting the column on people”. Which column are you referring to? Should I add another column to the table? Change an existing column?
Maybe I’m a bit behind with the People column possibilities and the proper way of using this column type…

So I’d appreciate it if you could explain it a bit further.

And just to emphasize again - My wish is that whenever I add a row to a specific table, all the people that the doc is shared with will receive a notification.

Thanks in advance,

hi @Ranny_Shor ,
it is maybe simpler than you might think

  • you create a new column in the table of your choice
  • set it on people (instead of Text or Number or Date)
  • fill out the values for new rows as described.

every time a new row is generated the software adds all the people to the new row and so the function to send out a notification is triggered.

Can you try this and let me know if this works for you?
cheers, christiaan

Hi @Christiaan_Huizer,
I managed to do so - thanks!

One more question - whenever I share the doc with a new member, I need to add his name to the “value for new rows” section, right?

And if so - is there a way to add the name of every new editor to that section automatically?


good to read that @Ranny_Shor !
yes, every time you need to add this manually in this people column. For the moment Coda does not offer us tools to have this set up automatically. Like many issues we as frequent users noticed, over time Coda will solve it in unexpected ways.

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