How to send notifications to doc owner

Hi everyone,

I have the same problem that was raised in this post, but unfortunately I am unable to view the replies:

Essentially, I would like to get a notification when I have been added as Point of Contact on a table, but as the doc owner I am not receiving a notification in either Coda or Slack (where I currently have integration).

The same interaction undertaken in a table owned by another doc sends me the notification.

Would appreciate any help - thanks

Hi @Catherine_Rendell
I see 2 options there.

First will be given by the people column format option. If you activate the toggle.

In your use case, you can limit the choice for your column “Point of Contact”, and when someone adds you, you will get a notifications. Any other people added in this column would also received a notification

The second option will be to create an automation, looking for a change in “Point of Contact” column, with condition that is you. Then you only send a notification to yourself


Please let me know if that can fit your needs.

Cheers Q.

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Hey Quentin, thanks for getting back to me.

The first option you suggested - activating the toggle in the People column - was the solution I had tried but wasn’t working as I am the Doc owner.

The second solution using an Automation has worked perfectly though. I appreciate your help in solving this.

thanks and have a great day.

Hey @Catherine_Rendell Very happy to help the community. please let us know if you have any additionnal needs :wink:



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