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As you can see, I have two tables. I am trying to make a button that moves certain rows from Project Tracking to Lost Projects. As the name implies, I want to move the rows in the “Lost” stage under Project Tracking. So far I have been having trouble copying the exact rows from table to table, instead I keep getting rows that say “false”. My end goal is to then automate the button to be pressed weekly or so. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Im pretty new to this kind of thing but I would

  1. Create a button to add a new row with the data I want
  2. Create a button to remove the row I do not want
  3. Create a button to press the first two buttons.

Hey there!

@Adam_Lawson had some good initial idea - to accomplish your exact request you could:

  • Create two buttons (an addRow button and a deleteRows button) and then have a third button that presses them both
  • Create one button that has this formula: `runActions( addRow( all_arguments), deleteRows(thisRow))

Alternatively though - It seems as if you really should seek to simply create two views of a single table with filters. One table would have a filter so no lost projects are shown, and another table should have a filter so only lost projects are shown.

Only in more rare use-cases would you want to move the row itself to a new table.

Let me know if you need any clarification!

Thanks for the reply! I like your idea with the three buttons, but I am having trouble with the arguments. I need to target specific rows in the Project Tracking table under the “Lost” stage, and then move that exact row into the Lost Projects table. I’m not quite sure what the formula should look like yet. The reason I don’t want to use filters is because I am hoping to create a button that moves these rows weekly.

So far I have something like:

RunActions(addrow([Lost Projects],[Lost Projects].Stage,[Project Tracking].Stage=“Lost”,[Lost Projects].State,[Project Tracking].Contains(“Lost”)))

However this just adds a row that says “false” under each column.

Can you share your doc-link here in the community?


Sure, Coda | A new doc for teams.

View this video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hopefully that helps! Its four minutes long but breaks down a lot of information for you and hopefully unlocks some key insights int how both formulas and Coda work.



Awesome, super helpful, thanks so much!

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