How to move a row from one table to another

I am trying to create a button that will move a project from one table to another. I have set up the button currently so that it will add a row to a different table and fill in certain values but I am not sure how to then remove the row from its current table. Essentially I need a formula that will add a the row to a different table and then delete the row.

Here is the link to my doc: Coda | A new doc for teams.

One the Work Block Detail page I’d like to be able to click “Send to Backlog” and have that project show on the “Project Backlog” Page. I have a feeling i could have accomplished this better by just creating different views of the same table and filtering, but as it stands I have two tables.

Any ideas?

First option!

Its worth the work to restructure your doc schema and create one table with multiple views as needed. This is the best route from what you described and will be worth the effort in the long run

Second option:

If you really want, you can open the formula editor of your button and write:

RunActions( addRow(relevant_info_here) , deleteRows(thisRow))

Reach out if you need more support!

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Hey again Scott!

Thanks for your help, I went ahead and re-worked my tables to make it easier down the road per your advice. I have one more random question. For some reason my tinmeline chart on the Task Board page shows one of the projects as orange and the rest as blue. Ideally I’d like all the projects to be the same color and then all of the tasks beneath to have a different color based on vertical (which I have assigned in the conditional formatting). For some reason there is one project that is not following these rules, any ideas?

:wave: Hey there! Glad to help:

The color of Timeline chips follows these rules:

  • If grouped and there is more than one task in a group the main chip will take on a dark blue color
  • If grouped and there is only one task under that group, it defaults to the selected conditional format
  • Sub-tasks under the main group will take on the color of a conditional format

So in your doc, the one is orange because it has only one associated sub-task thereby passing its color value to the main chip.

Make sense?
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