Creating a button to move rows across tables


I am trying to create a button in this doc to move rows from table “Changes to G11N processes” to “Changes to G11N processes - ON HOLD”. I have tried following this previous answer, but I do not see to be able to see the field “action” on a new button to enter the desired formula.

What am I missing here? How would you solve for this problem most efficiently?


Hi @Laura_Merino_Diez,

please share your doc publicly, so me and others can access it.

Best regards

On a different tangent - why not simply have a status column in your table, and set the status to On-hold" and then filter those entries out?

Thank you, Jannis! I just realized that my org. has disabled sharing docs publicly for security reasons :confused:

To Piet’s point: Great question! I have a master table linked to a gantt chart. The supporting tables with projects “on hold” are not supposed to be part of that timeline. There may be a way to filter rows displaying on a gantt chart, but that the preferred way for my team (cleaner, clear cut).