How to easily create action items from unstructured notes?

Is there a way to quickly convert text into an action item?

In Microsoft OneNote, you can highlight text or place your cursor at the beginning of the line to flag an item to auto create a task in Outlook, or you can create a checkbox (tag) and later search for ‘To Do’ tags.

It would be amazing if in Coda you could highlight text and select ‘Send to action items’ or insert something to indicate action item & to automatically populate a separate table.
Same as this previous question: How to automatically pull out action items from meeting notes

  • using the formula language as suggested in the last response can be difficult especially without consistent structure - so additional emphasis on ‘easily’ and ‘unstructured’ in my title

Pain point:
When you have an unstructured stream of notes, it is difficult to place Action Items in a separate table in the middle of a meeting, and it is tedious to sift through notes later to manually copy/paste the action items into a table (especially when you have to scroll up & down from notes to table)

This goes a bit outside of your scope. but you could connect your notes with ChatGPT and run a prompt similar to 'Create a list of to do items from the following notes and separate each list item by a comma: [Notes]".

Then you could have a button that looks at it’s response and has a ForEach() formula that makes a new task for every item.

It’s really funny you mentioned ChatGPT as a solution since Coda just announced they are integrating ChatGPT to do exactly this lol

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