Populate a Table or Tasks Based on Text Content

I’d like to be able to push text from my notes to various places around coda based on leading text or macros. For example, if I type:

todo: Some task for the day

Then a new row gets added to a table somewhere with one of the cell’s being, ‘Some task for the day’. Is it possible or am I beyond what can be done?

HI David,

Welcome to Coda!

Your request is a little bit vague:

What/ where are your notes?
To which table do you want to send it? What are the columns in the table that needs to be updated?

I have simplified one of my existing information gathering docs with a built in Action Item list for you to have a look at.

What you described above sounds a little bit like the tags in OneNote, Coda does not work like that.


Hey @David_Steinwedel ,

I think this is what you’re looking for:

Best regards