Add New Row - Not working in Nested table

Hi Coda Community,

I’m having a problem with the “add New Row” function within a linked / nested table in a Detail view.

I’ve attached two screenshots. They are both from detail view or expand record views and they have filtered/nested table in the design. The basic structure is that there is a Location which can have Conacts and also Screening Dates. Ideally, from the detail view of the location the user would be able to add a contact or add a location.

For some reason, the “Add new Row” is not working on some of the nested tables. The plus sign to add a row shows up - but nothing happens when clicked. In the one screenshot, from the detail view the ‘add row’ works for screening dates but not for location contacts. I’m expecting there is some reason why it might be working for one abut not the other even though the settings all appear to be the same.

Any ideas?


Generally, this happens when the filter that’s responsible for the subtable is either

a) set on a formula column — so Coda can’t set a value on the row you add;

b) is too complex — so Coda can’t figure what values to apply to the row you’re adding so that it may show up under this relation.

These are worth checking in the first place. If these don’t help, please consider sharing the doc so that we can see the situation.

As for what is “too complex” vs not too complex, the general rule of thumb is this. If there’s ambiguity into which values Coda should pre-fill into the new row so that this row shows up in this exact subtable, it’s probably too complex. This means any sorts of OR clauses or Contains()/In() formulas with multiple select options will cause issues. And simple relations with no ambiguity like:

Subtable.Filter(CurrentValue.Parent= thisRow)


Subtable.Filter(CurrentValue.Parent= thisRow AND Status = "Active")

should not cause any issues.

P.S. The rows might actually be created in the base table, they just never show up here.


Hello Everyone,

I think I have the same problem, and I can’t figure it out how to activate the “Add new” in the table which inside of another table in detail view.

Can you advice what do I miss, how to be able to add rows from the Detail view?

Thank you in advance

I have the same problem. I have been using formulas for nested tables, these were still working until last week, even with complex formulas. (e.g. tasks collected for a meeting that belongs to the project, but are still in progress and not finished). However, now the add row is disabled in all cases, I do not know how to get the previous functionality. I could use buttons, but these buttons would be hard to align above the table.

Thanks, Paul.

I tried fixing by adjusting the filters and didn’t have any luck.

This morning it occurred that maybe it had something to do with the primary key / display column of the subtable. Sure enough, both of the subtables I was having trouble with had a formula as the primary key / display column. Changed the display column to a non-formula option and I am now able to add rows in the subtables.

Try this out, Tamas_Mahner.


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