Related Records / SubForm row additions in Detail View

Despite the great improvements with Detail view lately, I’m still struggling with the way onne can add records subform/subtables.

Once ‘Linked relation’ fields are set to be viewed as a table in a detail view layout, it is possible to add/edit related records in the related table.


  • In order to add a related record, one can either click on the line displaying "There are no rows in this table, press Enter in an existing related record, or click on the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the subtable (Displays ‘Add new’ on Hover). However, often this button is just grayed out and is impossble to click and I still do not understand whether specific conditions should be met in the way the related field settings or it is just buggy.

  • In addition when hovering on the ‘+’ button, a dropdown appears that allows selection of existing records in the related table and which are not already related to the current main record. This one makes sense when the related field is set to allow selection of multiple records in the main table. However, this becomes very confusing when ‘Allow Multiple Selections’ is set to false ; as a matter of fact this would allow alteration of an exisitng relationship between a record in the related table and another record in the main table - definitely not the goal.

  • It becomes more confusing when both issues are combined: the ‘+/Add new’ button cannot be clicked (grayed-out) and the dropdown menu suggest selecting other related records ; most users do not have the intuition to click on the empty “There are no rows in this table” line or press Enter in an existing line in order to generate the following related record.

Am I missing something obvious or is this an rea requiring a bit more polish?

Thanks and keep the amazing work!

Hi @Laurent_Ades ,

The easiest way to add rows to your subtables is to create a button in the main table that sits just above, and then when clicked will add a row to the linked table, assigning the fields that are relevant to the current row in the linked fields. This will create that new row and have it pre assigned to the row you are working in. Hopefully that will help!

All my best,

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