Fix Add New Row for sub-tables

With a recent update, the “Add new” row at the bottom of a sub-table in the modal is grayed out for many of my functions. I gather this is due to how I have formulas filtering the available info on the row, but it used to work. So now the only way I can see to add rows is either select a current row and hit “Enter” to create a new row below, or code in a button.
It would be great it if sub-tables in modals could have the option of “Above new row button” to solve this problem.

Hi, same thing for me. I send ticket to support this morning

Ahhhh same here! Glad to see someone else reported

Same here !! It is more intuitive to have that ¨add row¨ bellow the table as we could found it in the former days.

I was messing around trying to find a work-around and I believe I may have a solution. The sub-tables that were graying out the “Add new” row were based on columns that I had created sub-table relations to through formulas, before the creation of the Linked Relation columns. When I changed the column type to a Linked Relation, the “Add new” now works as intended.


Hey guys, had the same problem, have you checked this option:

Thanks @Ben_Peine, this works for me as well.