Too easy to create new row

My tables always have blank un-filled out rows. To fix this, I use this in my automation (only delete if it was last modified over an hour ago). I run it hourly.
DeleteRows([My Table].Filter(ColumnName.IsBlank() AND thisRow.Modified() < Now() - Duration(0, 1, 0, 0)))

I just started using Coda, and I am often frustrated that this automation needs to exist. It is too easy to add a new row (usually when I am clicking out of an edit or create form, I will be clicking unintentionally on an area that triggers a new row). I was looking at the release posts and how it showed the old way to add a new row and this new way. This new way is better, but maybe needs to limit the add new row functionality to clicking on the text “+ New Row” versus the entire width of that area.

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I just added a new blank row again accidently. This time, I was adding a Due date to my last row item, and had to click out of it for the date to take, so clicked right under the row, and this of course added a new row without me wanting it to.

Hello. I’ve found a workaround with this problem turning off “Show add row button” option in Table display settings