Remove blank rows formula

We have a workflow document setup that is locked with buttons to create new workflow items. If a user clicks on the button to create a new item but doesnt complete or closes the expanded row view it leaves an empty row. Is there a way/formula so that docs will self clean/admin themselves in this regard

Hi @Adam_Abbott :slight_smile:
You could set up an automation :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot of a button setup that could work, and then like @Mario mentioned, you can use an automation to push this button every so often to cleanup the table.

In these instances, I use buttons and the disable field in the button because it’s a good visual check to make sure I’m not writing a formula that might delete data I want to keep. If I try to just use the formula in the automation, it will work, I just don’t have the visual check that I do with actually seeing the buttons disabled where they should be.

Here’s an example showing that if the “Fruit” column is empty, or the time since the row was created is less than 5 minutes, then the button is disabled. This will make sure people have enough time to enter a value before deleting the row in the off chance the automation is running close to the same time they open the row.

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