Disable IF on cells/row

For Buttons we have a very nice ’ Disable If’ option to check if a button may be used.
But can we do more or less te same on other types of fields (or maybe even on a row)?

For Example, I got Invoice Lines which I connect to an Invoice, but a the moment this invoice has been sent, the user should not be able to change the (connected) invoice lines, do I have an option to block/disable a row or certains cells for changements?

hi @Ronald_van_Meurs ,
nope for the moment you cannot disable a row like you disable a button.
however you can use a button (canvas or in the table) to remove the data en archive it in a (hidden) table somewhere in your doc. You use a RunActions that inside first addRow to the archive table and when done, you delete this row in the source table.

Maybe not what you have been looking for, but I use it this way.
Cheers, Christiaan

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Hi @Christiaan_Huizer , thanks for your prompt response

Unfortunately Coda does not support the disable row (yet), I think you option might be a good workaround. What I wonder, the data from the orginal table is still valid, won’t this be deleted when I move it to another table?

So in my case, I link the invoice line to the invoice, a button or automation will move this line to to the invoice-line-archive table, but the data of this line should still be linked to the invoice. Does this work out in you solution?

nope, in my solution this won’t work unless the invoice is linked to the archive table.
an alternative is use a checkbox in the source table and filter the row out of view the moment the invoice has been send (you need a kind of trigger to check the checkbox)

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