Delete 'empty' records option

Since it is almost impossible to prevent users to create emtpy records, I have made an automation to delete rows in certain databases if specific fields are empty. That works pretty good, but since you are not sure when the automation acts, it is also a bit unpredictable - sometimes a record gets deleted just because you were not quick enough to fill some (required) fields.

A table option for this cleanup work would be nice. The parameters would be:

  1. active/not active
  2. rows to check (if no rows are entered, it applies to a completely empty row - but when formulas/default values are defined to fill cells in new rows you need a row check, otherwise an ‘unintended’ record would never be deleted as some fields will be always be filled).
  3. Time to live for ‘empty rows’ (to allow for some time to enter something in all the required fields)

I use this in my automation (only delete if it was last modified over an hour ago). I run it hourly.

DeleteRows([My Table].Filter(ColumnName.IsBlank() AND thisRow.Modified() < Now() - Duration(0, 1, 0, 0)))

Since you have the need for the same automation as me, I am curious of your thoughts on the following.
I just started using Coda, and I am often frustrated that this automation needs to exist. It is too easy to add a new row (usually when I am clicking out of an edit or create form, I will be clicking unintentionally on an area that triggers a new row). I was looking at the release posts and how it showed the old way to add a new row and this new way. This new way is better, but maybe needs to limit the add new row functionality to clicking on the text “+ Add New Row” versus the entire width of that area.

Hello @N_G ,
That is an interesting automation, the delay can be much shorter, since it only runs once every hour (couple minutes will be fine - otherwise it will take up to 2 hours to delete empty records.
I have gotten rid of most of my automations and incorporated the automation action in button actions (to only be executed when a whole bunch of conditions are met). I find it more reliable and much quicker.
As far as the add row button: I use mostly buttons on the canvas to add new rows and I have the little plus symbol hidden as much as possible - in particular for pages that are used by my team. That said, there are situation when adding record with the enter key have a function, but I find myself deleting empty records regularly. I am not sure what the best UI is for this.

How do you disable the plus signal for adding new rows?