Handle removing of the table rows

There is a nice feature “automations” which can help to detect if someone edited table row, but it seems it can’t handle removing of the row.

Is there a way to do that via automations? :slight_smile:


Great feature request! We had debated including the “deleted row” trigger, but there was some debate over which row it would pass back as a result. Thoughts on that?

In the meantime, here’s one way you could do this with automations as a workaround. https://coda.io/d/Example-for-Vitaliy-Lyapota-Delete-Logging_dhWFPPJhjzq/


Great thanks for your example! :slight_smile:

It has thought me a lot of new things:

  • I didn’t know about Filter and FormulaMap functions
  • nice hidden feature to save a list of values into the text field
  • great idea to have a link to the “previous” entry
  • better usages of automations mechanisms
  • etc.

Why there is still no Row deleted trigger in Coda? It is extremely necessary. Per-hour workaround with additional table is horrible! :pensive:

Are all automation step results purely passed by reference? I’d want to receive a temporary instantiation of the deleted row passed by value.

My use-case is I have:

  • Leases Table: each row has a lease term, monthly rent, and monthly rent amount
  • Rent Roll: each row is the amount of rent due for a lease in a given month

I currently have an automation that captures edits to rows in the Lease table and updates the Rent Roll entries accordingly (purging old rows and creating new ones).

I’d like to be able to create an additional automation that purges all of the associated Rent Roll rows when a Lease row is deleted (i.e. if the lease is cancelled, I shouldn’t have any recorded payments).

Found a different way to do this using buttons: