Handle removing of the table rows


There is a nice feature “automations” which can help to detect if someone edited table row, but it seems it can’t handle removing of the row.

Is there a way to do that via automations? :slight_smile:


Great feature request! We had debated including the “deleted row” trigger, but there was some debate over which row it would pass back as a result. Thoughts on that?

In the meantime, here’s one way you could do this with automations as a workaround. https://coda.io/d/Example-for-Vitaliy-Lyapota-Delete-Logging_dhWFPPJhjzq/


Great thanks for your example! :slight_smile:

It has thought me a lot of new things:

  • I didn’t know about Filter and FormulaMap functions
  • nice hidden feature to save a list of values into the text field
  • great idea to have a link to the “previous” entry
  • better usages of automations mechanisms
  • etc.

Why there is still no Row deleted trigger in Coda? It is extremely necessary. Per-hour workaround with additional table is horrible! :pensive: