Ability to use "Deleted Row" in formulas

I’m trying to create an automation to delete rows from a table if rows from a lookup column have been deleted in the referenced table.

I discovered that Coda sees the “Deleted Row” error as a value in formula language, but doesn’t allow me to use it… It would be so much easier if I could use “Deleted Row” in formulas, especially since I can’t get the =IsBlank("") formula to work since Coda doesn’t see the deleted rows as blank.


Oh, for anyone wondering how to get that to work, I did find a workaround.

I created another column in the Project Items table that converts to text the values from the lookup column [Project ID selectable]. I also got rid of the If variable in the automation. I was then able to create a simple formula using “Deleted Row” as value :slight_smile:

(Beware that the automation doesn’t always work instantly, if going back and forth between sections and tables to check it.)

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Thanks for sharing @Andreea_Cri.

Just wanted to share, I was able to find a different way to do this using buttons:

Pushing the Red delete button deletes the project as well as all tasks for that project.

Further to @Andreea_Cri 's workaround, if you don’t want to add the column for whatever reason, you can have your custom filter formula convert to text on the fly:

Project ID selectable.ToText() = "Deleted Row"

You could also accomplish this with one button using formulas instead of the Push Buttons action.
For the example @Angad has above, the code would look like:

      Team Task List,
      Project = thisRow
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