Details view: Adding new rows in multi-select field Displayed as Table

EDIT: I couldn’t delete this post, but my personal pain point on this issue is greatly diminished, because I just realized that I can (at least when entering a new batch of new rows), just hit ‘enter’ a bunch of times to create those rows. I had stopped using ‘enter’ to create rows in Details view because the rows always jump to the top, but with a fresh batch of new rows this isn’t an issue.

In Details view, when working with a multi-select Lookup Column where “Display as Table” is turned on, the way to enter a new row in that Lookup Table is by clicking the blue (+) button. That generates a dropdown menu of all rows currently existing in that Lookup table. To add a new row to that Lookup table (which, in some workflows, is every single time), the user must scroll all the way to the end of that dropdown menu to get the option “Create new”.

Not a huge deal, but:
a) When creating 20+ sub-rows at a time, having to scroll all the way to the bottom of the dropdown menu every time is kind of…
b) As that dropdown menu grows longer and longer (20+ sub-rows at time)…

It would be a more efficient process if “Create new” were at the TOP of the dropdown menu.

Even better, and this could be applied to all tables, upon clicking the blue (+) add row button, a prompt were to ask, “How many rows?”. User inputs number of new rows needed, hits enter, and the exact number of new rows is generated.

This probably seems nitpicky, but I’ve got a workflow that depends on masses of data being entered in this way, and this is becoming a pain point, fwiw. (And there’s a ton more that remains to be processed.)

Also, I just noticed that the “Create new” option at the end of the multi-select dropdown list, ONLY exists in Details view, and not in normal Table view. Just an observation.

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