New Row Default View And Lookup Link Question

I create a Reading List document.
But I find some questions.

There was a sample document you can try.

  1. When I create a button to add row in table, at the beginning, it can show new row detail view and can edit.
    But I don’t know why now was can’t do it.

When I click “New Row” Button

it can’t show detail view.

I want to
When I Click Button “Add Book”,it can show new row detail view and can edit.
Like this↓(Click"+" in the group)

How can I do?

  1. When I Click a button,that I can let A table’s data into B table and write data.
    Reading List(A Table) ──Add New Row──> Reading Record(B Table)

This is my idea:
A Table’s Book title write in B Table’s Book column(Type:Text).
And B Table’s A Table(Type:Lookup) 's New Row formula set to B Table’s Book column(Type:Text).

And in B Table,we can see the data was link successed.


But when I click add row button in other button in A Table.

It is not worked!


I don’t know how to resolve it…

Would you do me a favor?

If you want ask more question, welcome to reply.

PS. I’m not a native English speaker, if I have grammat mistake, please don’t mind.


For your first question, you need to use the non-formula version for the button. Under your button settings, click the “f” button in Actions. There will be an option “Open Row for Editing” which will allow new rows to open in detail view.

For the second part, if you want to link the entire row instead of just the column, use this formula for your button instead:
Filter([Reading List(A Table)],[Books]=thisRow.[Books] )

thisRow.[Books] only allows you to get the value of that column, hope this helps.