What determines when the "add row" button is available in expanded row view?

Hi All,

I have a few tables cross-linked in a simple deal-tracker/CRM type of tool. When I open the expanded view for a row, not all linked tables show the option to add a row directly.

From the image below: the linked tables for Deals, Activities, and Contacts all show the (+) to add a row. The Open Tasks table does not, and I have no clue what determines this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hover over the table that doesn’t have the Add row button. You should see the Filter, Sort, Columns and Options links above it (like in your photo). Click on options, then Table Display and toggle on the “Show Add Row Button”. That should do it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response!
Unfortunately, I have tried that. I even thought maybe I needed to change this on the parent table, but no luck. All of the tables have the same options selected.

Hi @Hunter_Ashmore1 ,

Is Open Tasks a cross-doc table? Apparently, you can’t select rows if a synced lookup table is displayed as a table in a detail view.

One possible workaround is to toggle off table view and use dropdown or list to select rows. Then add a formula column that simply displays “open tasks” and toggle on table view in this one.

Aha - I didn’t realize the cross-doc limitation. That’s the problem. I’ll play with the workaround. Thanks!

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