Moving tables to a new document

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So I’ve got a document with a few experiments inside–one per page/section–and one of them is working quite well and growing, so I thought it would be good to move it to a new, separate document. However, when I paste all the tables and views into a new document, all the references/lookups seem to point back to the original tables in the old document. Is there a way to transplant a section more cleanly?


Hi Paul

We have made some changes to the copy/paste behavior and are currently testing it before rolling it out widely. The new changes should help make the experience much better. I will enable it for you so you can play with it and share your feedback.


Thanks, Himanshu! Things appear to copy and paste well into the new document, but references to specific records have turned into links to those records in the original document, and formulas have turned into straight values. Is this the intended behavior?

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Same question here - would love to move an active table to another document (and retain all references to the table).

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How can one move a table to another page?
I have found no such command in your program, nor any instruction about this in your user guide.
Moving is an action different from copying. I might not focus on any references to copying.

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Ctrl-x, Ctrl-c

And this makes 20 characters.

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