Files, Images & Attachments: How to move from one doc to another?

I need to migrate some data from one doc to another. I have a ‘Files’ type column with some binaries and images. Copy / Paste doesn’t move the data from one browser window to another. Anyone have an idea on how to migrate without manually downloading and re-uploading every time? Thanks! :pray:

Hi @Johg_Ananda, for me Copy from one tab and paste in another works!
And also, .url() doesn’t, it could be helpful to import just url of files but it’s not to consider due to file.url() return row url

@Mario What browser are you using?

And what do you mean - can I get the coda CDN url and just link to it? I would think permissions would prevent this?

I’m using latest chrome, maybe you have a big number of file?

My idea apart from this was to get the images or files url and recover them from the doc2, but i’m not able to get urls of files with formulas

@Mario OK so you inspired me to try again. I was able copy and paste <10 at a time, but I have a table with about 800 rows (only ~5% have files) and it didn’t work. So it might have somethign to do with the computer’s memory / clipboard.

I’ve got some problem too with copy/paste in coda, but i’m sure 1 year ago i was able to copy enormous table from and into coda, nowadays an empty but with many lookup columns table is “too big to copy”…

The other option as you said is a batch download but then you have to re-upload all of them in the new doc and it’s not practical…

@Mario what do you mean by batch download?


Faster then one by one at least…

I have two suggestions, first the difficult one.

One can use a platform like Zapier to bring new data from one to another in 3 steps:

  1. Copy all rows to new table (via a FormulaMap logic in a button)
  2. Each time a new row is created, a zap is triggered
  3. you inject the data in the table you set in Zapier

The second and easier option is maybe to work via a cross doc logic. As such you use the second version of the mother doc and from there you set up the new file you fill out with the data using a button and a FormulaMap logic like this:

[Table 01].Filter(Checkbox=true).
email.FormulaMap(AddRow([Table 02],[Table 02].Email,CurrentValue))

I included in this formula a filter option with a checkbox to filiter out the ones you do not need, and this one is about the copy of an email, but this could be anything. And via a lookup as explained here, you have all the rest in a format that permits editing.

Cheers, Christiaan

hey @Christiaan_Huizer thanks for the follow up. These are great ideas … have you tested that they work specifically with binaries/files?

nope I did not test this, but when you have an image URL, the proposed ideas should not be an issue, I guess. Or do did you test something like this and notice it did not work?

Today I tested a few things with images and attachments and filled-out a Typeform with feedback for Coda HQ, I came accross a problem with files (jpg).

Yes exactly, so this post was about the fact that uploaded binaries/files/images don’t behave ‘normal’. Normal meaning if you copy from one table and paste into a table in another browser, they do not always carry over the same way text fields (including image urls) do.

tldr; when copying binaries, copy and paste small groups at a time and it works

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