Bug Report: Copy-Paste Image Fields Across Coda Doc


For those reading: Be advised, until this bug is fixed, you could loose access to your document, and may have to copy to create a “restore” point.

Report sent to HQ, hopefully someone will address it soon:

"Copy an image field from one table
paste into the image field of a table in ANOTHER coda doc
Crash > and there is no ability to restore a version, you just have to be very lucky to fix it without admin support>

The copied image references a local variable like
since this doesnt exist in the other coda, its a MAJOR crash. Probably the url should be copy pasted "

In my case that this table was not in my initial view, and it was long enough ,and I added the item to the end of the list, so I was able to delete the whole table and insert from a restored earlier copy before it could crash the browser"

If anyone knows if I am doing something wrong please let me know. I have verified the following:

1.Copy and paste within the same Coda doc works;
2.Copy and paste the entire table or view as a new table across Coda docs works
BUT uploads new images from scratch (verified new url). Maybe impossible for larger number of rows + slow, but perhaps useful for data security?
3. Copy and paste select images to tables across coda docs causes the crash, which is apparently copying a image file that doesn’t exist.