How to move a page to another document?

How can I move a page to another document?

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Ah, I figured it out.

  1. Open doc
  2. Click “…” on the right of the title
  3. Click “Copy doc”
  4. Delete the part you wanted to move from the original doc
  5. Delete the part you didn’t want to move to a new doc from the copied doc
  6. Rename the copied doc

Still doesn’t allow you to move content to an existing doc though.

Dear @Mati_Roy,

Have you tried to copy/past between documents.
In case you have tables that are related to each other have in mind to copy them all to keep the functionality.

I had a similar need, here is how I managed to copy table content between documents. I removed any grouping from the source table and selected all table rows. After that I could copy and paste the rows into my new document page.
All content and formats kept in the target table.