How to remove “Deleted Row” references from lookup field while preserving links to existing rows?

I have a table with purchase invoices and one with invoice items (“Items In”).

I deleted some of the items of each invoice and now the lookup field is cluttered with “Deleted Row” pills. How can I remove them?

I know I can hit backspace on the entire cell, but I want to only delete the links to the “Delete Rows”, without affecting the existing rows at all (which are themselves already links to other stuff that I don’t want to break”.


Hi @Anna_F :blush: !

Maybe a button could help you here :

The action could be something like :

  thisRow.[Items In],
  thisRow.[Items In].Filter(
   CurrentValue.IsFromTable([Table where the items are stored])

It should filter the rows currently in thisRow.[Items In] and only keep the rows from the table where those items are store (IsFromTable()), leaving out the ones you deleted :blush: .

Deleted Items

I hope this helps :blush:


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