How to check if lookup column is linked to a deleted row?

I’m having issues where i am referencing deleted rows in a lookup column. Is there a way to filter by IsError, or a way to search for these instances where a deleted row is referenced?

[Update] I played with this a little and found a temporary solution. I check if the Lookup Column is blank in a new column called _IsBlank (formula: Parent.ColumnName.IsBlank() ) [note: this only works if I use a column name to check for blank, instead of just checking for isblank on the Parent column], and make another new column called _IsBlankOutcome to check if the _IsBlank column is a logical value (formula:_IsBlank.IsLogical() ). Then I can filter for all rows with a false _IsBlankOutcome.

You should also just be able to use the isFromTable() formula for this!


Thank you! I wasn’t able to figure that out with the terms I was searching. I appreciate that there is such a simple option available.

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