Found a way to get a Deleted Row confirmation dialog box. Need help to make it smarter

Hey guys! I need to make it as harder as possible to users delete cards / rows by accident without Team plan.

I found that if you have a Canvas column with an Image inside you get a confirmation message like: “This will delete any content or objects in this row. Deleting objects will also break anything that references them.” And than you can click “Cancel”. Take out the image and you get no message at all.

I would like to understand if this (having canvas + image) is the only way to get the message every time a row is deleted. I don’t want to add it to 200+ rows I have but would do it if this is the only way.



hi @Vivi_e_Le_Sempre_que_Da ,
you can create a page you reference in your value for new rows in the canvas column via @
this page you fill with the warning, the text etc
the value for new rows permits you to fill out the 200 at once
hope it helps
by the way, I believe that the team plan is worthwhile the price :wink:
cheers, christiaan

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