Help... Crashing Docs

Anyone able to tell me what is causing this ?

The row in question is set to lookup. When I enter in a new item, it just shows as text with a link. Consequently it does not get included in the table’s filter, so it is excluded from the correct view. This seems random unfortunately. The doc was working fine before that, and now it’s crashing.

Hi Nate,

Are you able to share the doc here, or copy it and share a copy with the community so we can troubleshoot?

If not, can you share the formulas you’re using for columns and the table filter that you think might be causing the issue? Sharing a copy of the doc is best if there’s not any sensitive info.

Hi @BenLee !

Thanks for touching base with me on this. I made a second version of the document to avoid sharing sensitive info.

About the Doc :
I’ve been working on a replacement system for OmniFocus or other GTD apps. I was a big fan of the now defunct IQtell. Coda reminds me a lot of that. Something keeps tripping up my progress though. I’ve made tons of versions of this document because ultimately, it always ends up crashing. I suspect it has something to do with some of my “Path” columns, as I use those to pass due dates and other statuses to child tasks and also reflect back at their parent. It will almost always run into an issue when I create a child task first, then a parent task second, then connect the two.

I use the “Nest Under” column to “tag” items - attaching them directly to their parent, context, areas, and system location ( projects / ideas / ticklr, etc. ). Then I have separate columns that define those areas by pulling and filtering the info from the “Nest Under” column.

When it all works, its beautiful. You’ll see there are some nonfunctional areas on the doc though, mostly around the filtering / formatting options I have under collapsible headers. As its very much a work in progress and I’ve learned a lot along the way and I’m saving correcting some of those areas for the next version.

— When it runs into issues, it will not respond when I press buttons or change column information. Any insight you can give me is greatly appreciated. The last area to mess up with the “Inbox” Page. However, when I logged into it this morning, the items did show up in the inbox. I think if I continue to add to that page its going to crash again.

Heres the doc