Bug when using "Push button" action for a button (Video Demo/Repro Inside)


Hey all!

First time playing around with Coda’s table feature, and I’ve come across this fascinating bug:


This appears to occur in the case of two existing distinct tables.
Let’s call them Table 1 and Table 2, where Table 1 is created before Table 2.

Each table has an external button, call them Button 1 and Button 2.

Button 1 should reference the row buttons in Table 1, and Button 2 should reference the row buttons in Table 2.

If it helps, the column names for both Table 1 and Table 2 are identical. In fact, Table 2 was a copy of Table 1 (though I specified that I copy the data, not create a view)


When I set the Button 2 to “Push button” for each row in Table 2, the UI shows that “Table 2 -> Row button” is a selection, but upon clicking that option, it defaults to “Table 1 -> Row Button”

I have a video recording to reproduce the bug and to show you expected behavior here:

Here, Food Expenses is “Table 1”, and Setup Expense is “Table 2”. You can see in the video that setting the Reset button for Setup Expense does not seem to be working…




Hey John, I have created a similar doc with the same functionality, you can have a look on it creating a copy, https://coda.io/d/Push-buttons_dlsYejs8El0/Shopping-List_suZ_p#_luTHS
Basically I added a key row that I use to find the rows that I want to delete + the category field.


I hope that this solve your problem, if it doesn’t , just let me know.

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