[Showcase] Breadcrumb & Hierarchy that allows you to navigate in Detail View

Like it says on the tin, a Parent/Child relationship driven Page structure setup that allows navigation in Detailed view through internal links in Breadcrumb & Hierarchy view. Best viewed in full view.

Sadly, only a button style works and uses internal API so might break at any moment until the following is fixed: [Bug] Hyperlink() rewrites a direct link to a row for a view


Following @Filmos 's example on embedding Glitch.com rendered HTML I updated the Wiki view example to have a collapsible menu, expanded to where the user currently is. (Given that Coda still rewrites the URL output in normal formula output, disallowing it to be used for this purpose)

The primary issue with this example being that the only way to get the links to work is to have them open in a new window, and rely on Coda’s redirect to handle things. :man_shrugging:
(Other targets or javascript hackery don’t seem to work)

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Changing coda from inside an embed is something I’ve been struggling with for quite some time.
And using the chrome extension to do the work is a brilliant idea and it works really smooth as well.
I’m definitely going to add this to my graph.

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