Breadcrumbs, Hierarchies, Navigability

Not sure if this the right place for this…

But I’d love to see examples of Hierarchies in Coda pages.

Specifically, I love the breadcrumb functionality in Notion - where you just click to go back to the previous page (usually a category page, leading to sub categories pages, etc)

Sales > Process > specific pages

All listed at the top of each page.

Does that exist? Trying to adopt the product fully now.

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Hi Jesse! Welcome to the community and nice to e-meet you! I am part of Coda’s Success team - we are here to help find solutions to have your docs set up for success!

This does not exist like it does in Notion, but the previous page will show up automatically in the top of a doc when you are working in it. And you can always leverage the ability to tag pages in the canvas text. If you have a published doc, you can show pages along the top of the doc to see hierarchy and hae more of a webpage feel.

I would be curious to hear what ideas and workarounds other Coda users have tried as well!

Lastly, if you would like to talk through this, or any other doc optimization items with me live, you can access my calendar here!

Hello @Jesse_Appleby,


Currently, I use more of a link version of the pages as a button or link in a code block and it works great :slight_smile:




Hi Jesse,

Welcome to Coda. I hope that you will come to love the product.

You always have the page hierarchy down the left side.

Internal to a page, you can have an outline in the top-right corner:

And then, as Thierry and Maggie suggested, you can build bespoke hierarchies.

Rambling Pete

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