Subsections; Files Upload; Independent Account?

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I’m from Germany and pretty new here in the Coda world. I come from MS OneNote and moved to Notion because I didn’t noticed Coda before although I did alot of research (seems like a secret tipp so far - not enough commercials?). Because Coda has way more features I would love to move my digital brain to it as “all-life-notes-solution” which consits mostly of private stuff. But there are some issues which hold me back so far:

  • Did I understand this correctly - There is only a 2 level hierarchy in form of folder and section? No subfolders or subsections?? When will this feature arrive? I need a “tree strucuture” on the left and not all the informations in 1 section. How can I copy my Notion hierarchy? - for example:

1 > Traveling
1.1 > Mobility
1.1.1 > Carsharing
1.1.2 > Caravaning
1.2 > Vacations
1.2.1 > Future Vacations
1.2.2 > Ongoing Vacation
1.2.3 > Past Vacations > Greece > Spain

  • Another Point - You can’t store different file types in Coda but you need to store them in Google drive and to embed them in Coda later? Will this change in future?

  • Will there be email-based accounts in the future or will Coda always be depending on a Google account?

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It would definitely help to get a concrete answer to these questions. Whether it is planned and what rough planning is.

On hierarchical sections, I fear that the design philosophy is that this needs to be done through multiple documents. @Al_Chen_Coda will be able to provide insight.

My preference is to have hierarchical sections. Or, improve document swapping and search.


Thanks for your questions @Mario_Kiessling! To answer your questions:

  1. Hieararchy - There is indeed only one level of hierarchy in the section list (sections within folders). We don’t have an expected timeline for when nesting sections in multiple hierarchy of folders will arrive, but we’ll keep the community updated and you’ll receive e-mail updates as well.
  2. Storage - Storing other file types is on the roadmap; I’ll submit your request for this feature!
  3. Email-based accounts - This coming soon, stay tuned!

Does this mean that hierarchical sections are actually planned, or?

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I believe it’s a feature our product team is considering but hasn’t been prioritized yet.

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Would like to see hierarchical sections as well! Would be very useful for creating subgroups with views of the same data, but with the sections you can organize this anyway you need to. For example, a table that contains all the features of a product, some of which may be “master features,” and you could use sections and subsections to allow users to navigate around those


In case you missed the announcement, we support nested pages now! Launched: Pages and Updates to Doc Navigation

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Thanks @Kelsey_Chan for your care!
Of course I was one of the Beta Tester and use this feature since then :ok_hand:

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